Customer Retention in 3 Simple Steps

Repeat business is certainly one of the best ways to grow any business. Your existing customers can be one of the most reliable sources of revenue. They are more receptive and likely to spend more. In fact up to 33% more than first timers. Here are 3 key steps to ensure that you’ll retain repeat business –

1) Give the customer excellent service. 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels – how they are being treated, and the level of customer service and support they are offered. Go above and beyond for your clients, and they will reward you with repeat business. Make sure they know that you are always there for them, and put them first and foremost.

2) Keep the lines of communication open. Keep in touch with your clients, making sure to collect relevant information from them when necessary, and also providing them with the information they need to continue doing business with you. Keep them abreast of things like special promotions, incentives, deals and more. You can keep the lines of communication open through email lists, blogging, surveys, contests, webinars, social media and more.

3) Thank your customers. – Make sure you always let your customers know how much you appreciate them and their business. A simple thank you is not always enough. Create loyalty and rewards programs and incentives that they can truly benefit from, based on their own needs and wants. Provide them with perks like free samples, vouchers, events and seminars, gifts with purchase, and so on. Let them know you care and that you’ll reward their loyal business. If customers feel good when they do business with you, they’ll be inclined to come back again and again.

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