1. Not Making Yourself Known – Customers need to know who you are, what you offer and how it can help them. If they don’t know who you are, they aren’t going to give you their business.

2. Not Connecting – Once you’ve established yourself, and are well-known, you then need to work to connect with your customers. Build trust and a good rapport with your clients. One way of doing this is to show potential clients other small businesses you have worked with to gain their trust.

3. Not Creating Opportunities – Once the customers start arriving, you need to keep them, by creating opportunities for them. This means if you’ve already sold them a product, help them implement & market it to their customers.

4. Not Creating Value –Small businesses need to quickly and easily understand where the return on investment from your product is going to come from. Remember, features tell but benefits sell.

5. Failing to Get Commitments – Sales is all about commitments, which requires having conversations with prospective clients, moving deals ahead. You absolutely must interact with your customers and ask them for gain commitments. One approach that has works is offering complimentary service, advice or even products. This highlights your capabilities, establishes trust and shows you’re serious about winning the deal.

6. Not Gaining a Consensus – Once your service or product is presented you have to show that you can become a part of the decision making process. Be part of the group and be prepared to win big with marketing strategy that will bring in new business.

7. Not Presenting the Right Solution – It is all about selling the right solutions and making the customer see how your product can help them. If they don’t share your vision, it’s all a wash. Buyers will always buy into what they believe is right, so sell your vision. The best way to bring down this barrier is to use other real businesses testimonials!

8. Not Asking Outright for Their Business – Seems like a no brainier, but it can be easy with the right approach! Closing is an integral part of sales – you have to ask the customer for their business. Getting that closing signature is what it’s all about. It may seem awkward at first but when you ask in a way that is mutually beneficial you will win more times than you will fail.


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