Most small business owners will tell you of the numerous strategies they have adopted to gain more revenue and increase footfall. Promotions, special offers, discounts, referrals and affiliate programs always rank amongst the top 10. However whilst most continue to pursue new business, a considerable revenue stream could be realised by focusing on current customers.
Your existing customers can be one of the most reliable sources of new revenue. They are more receptive and likely to spend more. In fact up to 33% more than first timers. It is for this reason that loyalty rewards schemes are popular with most small businesses. Benefits include –
1) increased customer spending
2) Bringing in new customers
3) Increased visit frequency
4)Increased product awareness
5) Increased customer satisfaction and retention

However with the more traditional methods of loyalty like stamp cards, club cards or points cards etc, there are a few downsides. Stamp cards, though cheap and easy to implement, can become a burden to keep organised and are often lost or discarded by users. Plastic loyalty cards like club cards provide effective tracking links to customer records and transactions. However they are generally expensive and become a deterrent to customers due to lengthy data capture forms.
The digital loyalty card has the benefits of both systems without the problems attached. Being virtual, paperless and inexpensive, it also provides an effective way to track and reward customer patterns and behaviour. Four key features constitute the main functionality behind this application.

Virtual Stamp Card (Loyalty Coupon) – This loyalty feature works in the same way as a paper loyalty card, just virtually. Instead of a physical punchcard or stamp card, each user will track purchases through your app. When they make a purchase at your location, they can pull up the loyalty program tab and your team members can tap the screen and enter a simple code to record the purchase. The purchases will then be tallied onscreen. When the virtual card is “full,” your team members can process redemption and reset the card.

QR Voucher – this feature is based on customers using the QR scanner and camera functions on their smartphones. It simply allows consumers to benefit by scanning QR codes related to your business in a bid to redeem a free/discount/money off voucher.

GPS check-in – similar to check-in feature on Facebook where users location is recorded, this feature actually rewards the user for frequenting that location. So depending on the conditions ( ie how many visits are required), the customer is able to redeem a voucher after a specified number of check-ins.

Push Notifications – A massive bonus feature that enables any business to effectively engage their customers. It is a fantastic addition to any mobile loyalty program because it introduces a powerful marketing tool for the business through something as simple as a loyalty card. Dynamic and graphically enhanced messages can now be sent to users based on mobile device, location and user identity.

Other features that can be integrated are –
– Contact
– Tell A Friend
– Social Media
– Membership

The Digital Loyalty Card is truly a virtual loyalty program that packs a punch. And in generating new business as well as increasing repeat custom is surely the answer to most small business owners’ revenue concerns.



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