Introducing The Digital Loyalty Card

Introducing the Digital Loyalty Card
The Digital Loyalty Card is a mobile app which focuses primarily on building brand loyalty, developing repeat custom and increasing sales revenue per customer. Built specific to each business, this application is based around the loyalty coupon, QR voucher and GPS check-in features of the Mobile App Solutions platform. The Card benefits the user by eliminating, paper or ‘credit card’ loyalty cards which are often cumbersome and easy to lose or forget. They are also beneficial to a business in being more secure and more effective in tracking performance.
[62% of customers report that they are more likely to continue doing business with a company that has a loyalty program and about 40% would change their buying habits to maximize loyalty rewards.] – Maritz insights :The Loyalty Report 2012
The features available on a bespoke version include:
1) Loyalty Coupon (ie stamp card – buy 5 get 1 free)
2) QR code voucher (ie scan QR code x times to receive discount)
3) GPS check-in (check every time you visit and receive reward on your 5th visit)
4) Contact (Call/Website/Email/Directions)
5) Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc)
6) Tell A Friend (Share via various media)
7) Notifications (Send unlimited push notifications to users)
8) Membership feature (set username and password for app users)
9) Analytics (track usage by user id, phone type, gps location etc)

The loyalty feature works in the same way as a paper loyalty card, just virtually. Instead of a physical punchcard or stamp card, each user will track purchases through your app. When they make a purchase at your location, they can pull up the loyalty program tab and your team members can tap the screen and enter a simple code to record the purchase. The purchases will then be tallied onscreen. When the virtual card is “full,” your team members can process redemption and reset the card.

Your customers will love it, and will probably spend more at your business after implementation. You can create unlimited loyalty cards within the app and provide unlimited downloads to your customers, all this included within your Mobile App Solutions subscription package.

You may be pleased to know that at your request we will build a demo digital loyalty card for your business for FREE. We will also conduct a 30min preview completely free with no obligations or hidden costs. Contact us now to request your free demo.
t: 01273 921 102 m: 0776 775 5662
twitter – @mobappsol


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