APPLE V ANDROID: The battle continues….

Android v Apple: The battle continues.

Controlling over 50% market share, these 2 giants are locked in fierce competition that makes it quite difficult to declare an overall winner. Their activities over the past quarter hasn’t made it any easier.

According to research by App Annie, Google Play have experienced 10% more downloads overall in comparison to the App Store, however in terms of revenue, the App Store has still doubled that of their closest rivals. Highlights are as follows –

Downloads by Country – Most active countries are US, South Korea, Russia, India and Brazil.

Revenue by Country – Top of the list, Japan, South Korea, US, Germany and UK.

App Preference – Games (80% of Google revenue), Communication, Tools, Entertainment and Social.

Devices – Popularity and increase in downloads in countries like Brazil is attributed to mobile providers flooding the market with new inexpensive devices.

The continued increased revenue from App store downloads is attributed to the simple fact that developers create the best Apps for apple devices because they know the primary reason why consumers purchase iPhones, iPads etc is because of apps. A case of guaranteed quality vs quantity. No wonder Apple have strict rules and guidelines for submission to the app store

For us at Mobile App Solutions, the message here for small businesses planning their mobile strategy is simple – the best approach to reaching your mobile customers is adopting what we refer to as our complete mobile marketing strategy. This is a multi platform approach that allows you to have your business app developed for iPhone, Android and also have an HTML5 mobile website which functions on all major mobile devices. And the cherry on top is you don’t have to pay the earth for all of this.

Contact us today for information on how we can maximize your mobile presence, with more engaging, interactive and affordable apps.


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